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Tony Dickens, aka Anthony Dark, native and resident of North Carolina, has been writing and performing original music since the early 1970’s. Collaborative, collective and solo efforts have rendered a catalog of original songs that span 3 decades.

Music that can be classified as rock, pop to country-rock and adult contemporary, combined with lyrics that address love, politics, social issues and religion, result in an interesting and refreshing approach to musical communication.

Some of his musical influences range from Jackson Browne & The Eagles to Pink Floyd & Matthew Sweet.

Currently two albums are available for purchase:

Tony Dickens & Friends – “At A Glance”
(released November 24, 2007)

Anthony Dark – “The Gail Fox Project”
(to be released August 12, 2010)

Most recent public performances include Night of Dreams Productions in Raleigh, NC and various open mics. All performances were well received.

The last 10 years have been used to focus on improving as a songwriter.

To contact Tony for review, communication or booking, click here.

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