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Lyrics: The Gail Fox Project

All songs © 2003-2010, Tony Dickens

1-“American Dream”

The final song written for the project actually begins the cd. The setting is the dream and the nightmare in America, where Gail’s hopes and dreams reside. Contemporary, this is. Unfortunate, it is. Requires thought and introspection, it does. “All men are created equal?” Yes, this does articulate disenchantment. The background for this song in the cd booklet was taken of the Capitol building. Another cool shot was the reverse image of the same. Preacher? Teacher? Watch? Listen?

Preacher, can you tell us true?
Teacher, are the lessons there for you?
With jokers and thieves on both sides of the aisle,
Is our future left to a wink and a smile?

I believe,
I have seen,
all the lies they hide,
between the truth, and the American dream.

Watch, as they imprint your brain with fear,
Listen, as the voice of reason disappears.
Political pendulums swing, like pendulums do,
right now, they’re swingin’ at both me and you

We can whistle past the graveyard and walk on by,
We can hide in shadows of stolen compromise,
but now, it’s after midnight,
do you know where your freedom’s gone?

2-“Dance With the Magic Clown”

This song was imprinted on my soul as I witnessed Gail looking forward after looking back into writings of Eric Arthur Blair/George Orwell. Her supposition, that being surrounded by all of this, human induced coma of numbness would leave most wanting to simply “close their eyes and spin their body round.” I found this song a challenge to deliver. It took a major toll on my conscience and perhaps permanently sheared my mental state.

The title of this song is the original. After I debuted this song, the critiques rendered concern about the clown reference. I removed the clown from the lyric and changed the title to “sound”, but after much consideration I returned to the original title. Take from it what you may.

I can’t believe,
what I’ve seen,
In these dreams,
the future’s, just an endless stream,
of shades and shadows,
hidden answers,
haunting cancers,
we’re lost, yet caught between.

Close your eyes, and spin your body ‘round,
learn to dance, with the magic sound.
Listen close, as all meaning disappears,
watch your dreams, as they get lost in the years.

While we’re dreamin’,
the bastards scheming,
to take our freedom,
they attack, without warning,
rob tomorrow,
sell you sorrow,
steal to borrow,
and then hide, when they see you bleeding.

3-“SKA-Follow and Die”

This revelation at first glance, appears to be a drug induced vision or dream. It is not. It is the dark organic vision that was shared. The music being so heavy and full, yet the lyric soars with the flow of a flight of fear. The thirst and hunger are desperate.

The effect on my voice was an imbedded effect from the original track. After much consideration and positive reactions we left it in. I must admit it does make the lyrics difficult to follow. Maybe following or not is what it is about.

Images emerge from the foggy, forest of my dreams,
as I glide, through the dark and cloudy sky.
Morning steals its power, from the evening moon,
and begs, the night to follow and die.

With a clearer view of heaven, and a promising smile,
Emotions eclipse reason, as the years slip by.
I sit in a shadow, of the past, and a happier place,
I beg the pain, to follow and die.

I am thirsty, to feel the torch of life,
hungry, to taste the passion of love.
I shiver, from the cool breeze of solitude,
lay warm, in angel’s arms above.

I hear the whistle of the wind, gliding through the pines.
I stand and watch, shadows pass me by.
I crystallize to be, invisible to the wind,
I beg these sensations, don’t follow and die.

..don’t follow and die.
..don’t follow and die.

4-“God TV”

This song reflects Gail’s spiritual thought process. What a visual! What a challenge! Something written in the latter journals inspired me to wonder about the referenced “army of love”. Would angels be required? I was surprised by my own programming. Not assigning a gender to God was quite a challenge. When I saw the shot below of the sombrero universe I immediately thought about this song. Is it the portal or the place? I am not sure. The picture on the right was taken locally by Mr. Greg Lawson of the Hale-Bopp comet. It was chosen as the background for this song and “Dark Circles”. I love the contrast of Mr. Frank Luck’s beautiful voice with my spoken. Thanks again my friend.

God woke up one morning,
turned on God TV.
Despite parental warning,
looked in on humanity.

There lay thousands of hungry children,
starvin’ in a desert land.
The camera crews were gathering,
to shoot on command.

All too usual.
Too hard to believe.
Is everything’s still clear,
on God TV?

So God began flipping channels,
finally landing, on a broadcast from the land of the free.
Great feast and celebrations were in order,
in honor of a visiting celebrity.

There were thousands of fleshy men,
wandering in the hills of green,
chasing white pitted spheres, into the ground,
blind to the obscene.

Where’s my beautiful garden, and world of love?
Where’s the panacea, the commercials spoke of?

Hey! Who’s that man taking money for prayers?
Is this another commercial break?
How does he fit in, what’s his role?
in this human heartache?

There’s thousands gathered, to kill in the name of greed.
Another million wanting to die, so their religion can succeed.
Where’s the army of love?
I keep waiting for them to proceed!

5-“Shadow Garden”

Garden in many ways reminds me of “Prozac Nation”. This is a razor sharp, laser guided message aimed at the perpetrator of torment. It is true that FEAR stirs our insides. Some people find this song to great of a contrast between lyric content and melodic sweetness.

You can mine the fields of love, with mistrust,
You can turn a deaf ear, to the truth in disgust.
It’s your pompous arrogance, that lets you dance,
as you parade alone, in the shadow garden of chance.

Focused like a hollow death merchant, on places of fear,
you replace dreams with hope, that love might appear.
The parable is the paradox, of which you speak,
as you pontificate, in the shadow garden of the weak.

Breathe deep, and smell the fear,
don’t let the voice of reason, ring to clear.
This pandemic angers, not going to disappear,
as long as you reign here.

In many ways, I long to hide my days, in dreams that passed me by.
Maybe somewhere down the road, I’ll find that peace, before I die.
With death as my escort, I’ll be waiting to see you there.
Beside the fallen, in the shadow garden of prayer.

6-“Dark Circles”

This was inspired by Gail’s observation of a relationship never revealed in her journals. The feeling is dark and haunting. This song took over five years to fully develop. There is a counter lyric version of this song which draws attention to the “Dark Circles” that control our social & political reigns.

I broke the silence, when I spoke your name.
This highway doesn’t, look quite the same.
Where did we turn?
have we now learned?
we’re lost in,
dark circles of night?
I’ve been on both sides, of the pain.
Felt the pleasure, felt the strain.
Why can’t we be,
why can’t we see,
dark circles of night?

We searched the world we’ve seen,
lookin’ for deeper dreams,
lost our souls,
to the fight.

Go back to sleep, please close your eyes.
Say a prayer, we’ll drive on by.
I thought I saw rain,
Oh! look again,
we’re lost in,
dark circles of night.

7-“Theology of War”

How could Gail ever complete over 40 years of journals without addressing something as useless as war? Losing her brother to war was a devastating blow to Gail’s life experience, and no doubt was the inspiration for the writings that became this song. The song includes reference to ancient battles and current conflicts.
It is bookended with the traditional “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” and “Amazing Grace”. When I think of the enslaving power of fear, I understand how two songs associated with slavery can form a powerful connection to the concept that becomes the “Theology of War.

(thanks Scottish-Irish music and John Newton’s lyrics for “Amazing Grace”
and Wallis Willis & Chucktaw Froodman for “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”)

The question leveled to each listener is; “what are you willing to fight and kill, lose your freedom, and die for?” The coffin picture is reflective of a time when a nation wanted to turn the eyes of the public away from the results of war.

Swing low sweet chariot,
comin’ for to carry me home.

46 million, people uninsured,
10 million, hungry and alone,
and yet tonight, the market profits soar,
for the corporate global predators.

And still we pay our dues,
receive the news,
collect the views,
of this theology of war.

In Gods name, we raise the flag,
In Gods name, we draw the sword.
While here at home, the battles rage on,
Between the truth and the lies, we’re shown.

Why can’t we see the end,
find the reasons not to begin,... again?

They say the truth, will set you free,
That’s why it’s hidden, all from you and me.
We got a media machine, to feed our dreams,
while far away, another dying soldier screams.

What are you willin’ to fight & kill for?
What are you willin’ to lose your freedom for?
What are you willin’ to die for,
is it this theology of war?

I once was lost but now I’m found,
was blind but now I (think I see) see!

8-“Privilege Nation”

This was the fourth song written for this project. It was included on my first solo album “Tony Dickens & Friends/At a Glance”. “Are We Slaves to the Privilege Nation?” still stings me each time I sing it. I always feel compelled to share this song and message. It was timely when written and even more so today. This is a remixed / re-mastered version.

Will we ever find out for ourselves?
There’s really nobody else,
to take the blame, or share the shame,
of the sins, of the privileged nation?

Some try to tell of what lies ahead,
before the rivers swollen red.
Our science gets silenced instead,
by the accountants, of the privileged nation!

Sometimes at night, I go walking in the dark alone.
Adrift in the stars, of this island we call home.
These restless emotions, slake the passion for life that I’ve known,
while empty pockets, in my soul keep growin’. (on and on and on)

How long can endless greed fuel our growth?
All we want is more of the most.
With all this churning, our freedom gets lost,
are we slaves, to the privilege nation?
Have we become slaves, to the privileged nation?

9-“Gail Fox in a Prozac Nation”

The first thoughts and notes written for the project became the lyrics to this song. This dreamy lyrical landscape is direct in form and content as it predicts a bleak future, as Gail saw it. The bridge, “What is your reason to live & do you have a reason to die” are no doubt connected to her forecast of a rebirth of terrorism. “Will a sky full of tears ever weather the years?”

Can I borrow your imagination,
and get lost, in those deep blue dreams?
I got a fear of innocence,
a perfect and arrogant scheme.

With a classic crystal cocktail,
there’s a peace, in the valley spell.
Got a gingerbread religion,
and a pharmaceutical hell.

Straight ahead looks like fire,
You’re chasing the storms desire.
Will a sky full of tears,
ever weather the years?

You camouflage pain and despair,
In a world religion rearranges.
That’s a worn out theme, in your dreams,
where life unfolds, its wings of change.

Too many people, live life unconcerned,
about choices beyond their reach.
with loss of lives lived in waste,
is the failure and cure, all we preach?

What’s your reason to live?
Do you have a reason to die?
When death becomes a life of its own,
does it end where you lie?

10-“Gail Fox in a Dual State”

This song came quickly. It is a simple and direct statement. Gail filled several journals with dual state observations.

You think there’s safety in identity.
That’s a shallow perception,
it’s intellectual atrophy,
and you program so easily.

They prescribe the dreams we see,
that’s a shortcut reality.
Writing the script for you and me,
they call our fate, destiny.

A loser, a winner,
a beginner, or contender.
Pick a side, take a ride,
That’s the programmed,
dual state they provide.

Yin & Yang they’re one and the same,
If all you need is something to blame.
We can’t choose black or white,
when both sides can always be right.

It’s not Republican or Democrat,
don’t see the point in that.
if the winner takes all,
the underdog always breaks their fall.

Rich or poor, who are you for?
There’s no moral, only the score.
Pick your savior, pick a side.
That’s the programmed,
dual state they provided.

11-“Gail Fox Insured Reality”

In excess of five minutes, this song rambles on rather dramatically. As its social commentary and observation states several times “freedom’s an illusion, that’s been made”. This song grasps the reins and takes you on a ride down the highway of angered disgust. This is one of those lyrics that could go on into an ecclesiastical-type rant for ages and still not reflect the injustice that occurs even today. It is a fitting last song for this project but not last in the Gail Fox catalog.

Don’t tell me to “shut up and go shopping”!
Don’t give me that, “pompous pout”!
In this religion of consumerism,
CEO’s are priest, they’re not boy scouts.

They ask us to consume without conscience,
as they slide, through the shadows to collect their dividends.
Lobbyist are buying our government from us,
I tell you, these people are not your friends.

We got Clon-aid instead of Kool-aid!,
grand diversion being played,
evolution in decay,
freedom’s an illusion that’s been made.

There’s oil to control the world, put a tiger in your tank!
with religion by the flavor, to control and rule your soul.
You’re in good hands, when they insure your dream bank,
until you’re dumped, in one of their loop-holes.

They like to enrage us against the welfare princess queen,
never talk about the corporate welfare media king’s sins.
When will this war of perpetual propaganda end?
I tell you, these people are not your friends.

Where does this silent cadence of conformity lead?
Will the suits that walk between the raindrops,
always be allowed to hide?
All across America like the little town I come from,
the gray clouds are swirling,
and no one can see the setting sun.

Create a disease, then a pill to treat it,
They’ll help you put a face on your disorder,
If they can cure it, they’ll damn well insure it,
and we grow blinder as we swallow each new order.

I’m looking at the last forty of a thousand years,
every mother’s son hears a baby crying in the end,
I wake and no longer remember my dreams or fears,
I tell you these people are not your friends

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